TIRADE (The IronRuby Autocad Development Environment)

Here is a sneak-peek at TIRADE(The IronRuby Autocad Development Environment) tirage_thumb

TIRADE extends my work on acadhelper and allows instant (or at least very rapid) gratification and enjoyment of Ruby goodness when extending AutoCAD with IronRuby.

TIRADE runs modelessly, integrates RSpec and Test::Unit testing directly (slowly, but directly), has syntax highlighting and will soon have (hopeably) code completion for the acadhelper wrappers and methods.

I used the ICSharpCode TextEditor control (with some local modifications) as the editor control and used the open source DockPanel Suite that very closely matches the Visual Studio docking that we all know and love.

After a bit more testing, I hope to release TIRADE on the world. Stay tuned

Written on November 23, 2009