5 problems in a hour in Ruby

Just so that I can record my solutions

Number 1

#for loop (tbh, I had to look up the syntax for a 'for' loop in ruby) def sum_with_for_loop(array) acc 

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Neo4j and Vagrant

Yeah, well, I've been busy....


  • don't try to install neo4j in the shared directory of a vagrant box
  • change the neo4j server config to allow access from the host machine
    • org.neo4j.server.webserver.address=

Full Story

I saw...

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Ruby on the AutoCAD command line

Using IronRuby, a bit of C# code and a great deal of aid from this post, I was able to create an interactive Ruby interpreter for the AutoCAD command line.

This part of my effort to bring some Ruby...

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Ruby and AutoCAD via IronRuby

Inspired by a blog post by Kean Walmsley here, I have been working on some wrapper and helper functions for driving AutoCAD using Ruby.

IronRuby and Kean's loader function gives the AutoCAD developer full access to the managed API. But...

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